Wedding Testimonials

Wedding Testimonials

Read what some of our past couples have to say about their experience holding their wedding with us.

Dao House, formerly Aspen Lodge Resort & Spa, offers the same great services as Aspen Lodge, in addition to healing, wellness and expanded spa services.

Hannah and Nicklaus – October 2016

What an incredible weekend! You all totally blew our socks off and exceeded our highest expectations for the entire event.

Planning was made much easier with Sam’s help from the very beginning. We felt that the package was very clear, and that Sam was very receptive to our requests. I actually felt like she was invested in making our wedding reflective of us, and making sure that everything went smoothly. Throughout the entire process we felt as though we were heard and respected. We felt as though there was enough flexibility to make sure the event was what we wanted, but the structure of the package also really helped us understand everything that went into the day without having to make every nitty-gritty type decision. We also really appreciated her flexibility on alcohol choices. It was important to us to have good beer, and the kinds we wanted, and Sam made that happen – people were so excited to see that!

From the minute we got to Dao House on Thursday, we received such a warm welcome. There were people willing and ready to help set up. The atmosphere at the lodge for the entire weekend was exactly what we had hoped for—casual, relaxed, cozy. Our guests were able to hang out in the lobby area, make use of the oxygen bar, and go on short hikes in the nearby mountains. It was a lovely, homey atmosphere and we heard nothing but compliments and praise from our guests who really appreciated the vibe of the lodge.

Our actual wedding day felt perfect. I’m sure there were problems, but we never saw them! The ceremony site is absolutely breathtaking, and everything with the jeep went smoothly. We want to make a special note of the food. With a vegan groom, it was really important to us to find a wedding venue that could produce delicious vegetarian and vegan food – Dao House more than delivered on that. The food was amazing. People were raving about it! We felt like we were able to voice our opinions about the food so that it was exactly what we were hoping for. We have eaten a lot of falafel together in the last 3.5 years, but that sweet potato falafel was the best. The fish was cooked perfectly, the appetizers were delicious, and somehow every single fingerling potato was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I have never managed that, even with much smaller batches of fingerlings. Magical.

It was also obvious how much care Sam and her team put into making the room both functional and beautiful. The linens and chair covers were so well done, and brightened up the room considerably. We were also really happy with how functional everything was – everything was on time, there was plenty of room, people could easily access everything they needed to. It was wonderful.

We really, really can’t thank you all enough. As Sam can attest, Nick and I were not totally wild about the idea of having a wedding, and somehow it turned into one of the best days of our lives. It would not have been possible without all the care, attention to detail, and excellent planning from everyone at Dao House, especially Sam. I also think it wouldn’t have been nearly as excellent without the overarching vibe that you all are generating at Dao. Several people remarked that the atmosphere at the lodge felt very peaceful and relaxed, and I know that has very little to do with the building and much more to do with the people in it. Having a wedding in a place that felt surrounded in peace, beauty, and kindness added something important and meaningful to the day; we’re really grateful for that.

Lannea and Nathan – May 2016

As nature lovers, we couldn’t have chosen a more ideal location for our dream wedding. Long’s Peak towering in the background behind a gorgeous meadow with aspen trees, the peaceful and welcoming mountain atmosphere of the Dao House lodge, and a picturesque winding road to the ceremony site via horse drawn carriage was like a dream. Our wedding was May 29, 2016 and we had beautiful sunny weather! Staff were responsive, accommodating and caring. They went the extra mile with little details like thoroughly cleaning the carriage from horse dander occurred so my allergies wouldn’t be a factor, ensuring we had ideal rooms to get dressed, and personally driving us via Jeep to the wedding site when we came to check it out in the winter and there was still snow. And when the bride and groom were locked out of their car after the wedding and everyone else had already gone to the reception site, the owner of the Dao House gave us a ride into Estes Park! Every detail went smoothly thanks to the attentive staff, and it was such a perfect day. We can’t thank the Dao House enough for their support and care!

Lisa and Kyle – August 2014

“The team at Aspen Lodge were delightful to work with. The staff exceeded our expectations at every turn. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding day. We plan to come back every year for our anniversary!”

Ryan and Bente – July 2014

“The Aspen Lodge is the ideal wedding venue for those looking for the perfect blend of natural beauty, rustic charm, and quality service. We really enjoyed the venue on its own right, but combined with the exceptional service on our wedding day it will truly be one to remember. The folks at The Aspen Lodge really bent over backwards to make the inconveniences of inclement weather at our ceremony bearable, to make our reception dinner elegant and refined to our tastes, and to make our party as fun and care-free as we had envisioned. All and all, a very adaptable and enjoyable staff to work with and we wouldn’t have wished for anything different about the whole experience. Thanks Aspen Lodge for helping us create lasting memories.”

Andria & Ryun – June 2014

Aspen Lodge was a beautiful place to get married! With just over 3 months to plan and having recently survived a landslide of epic proportions, Aspen Lodge was able to help make our wedding dreams become a reality! The staff was very kind and welcoming. They were always looking for ways to help. The scenery and landscape at Aspen Meadow made for a whimsical, fairy tale-esque wedding ceremony. The wildflowers were lovely and the landslide added to the awe of the mountainside. The site is so pretty you hardly needs decorations. Same goes for the Longs Peak Room – it has such natural beauty. The large windows let the afternoon sun beam in and the views of Longs Peak from inside or out on the balcony are stunning. One of our favorite parts of the day was the meal. We requested a custom Polish menu to commemorate and share our Poland travels with our family and friends and were absolutely thrilled with the dishes. It was some of the tastiest Polish food we’ve had, rivaling some of the food we had in Poland. The lodge’s location was ideal. It’s close to town, but far enough from town to feel secluded and peaceful. It’s an excellent get-a-way spot for any occasion. We adore Estes Park and our out-of-town guests could quickly see why. We were able to showcase much of what Estes Park has to offer over our wedding weekend. Thank you, Aspen Lodge!