Spa & Bodyworks

Spa & Bodywork

Spa & Bodywork

 Discover Wellness in Colorado. Partake in therapies designed to revitalize the body and activate the mind. Dao House offers holistic, preventative therapies for maintenance of health and stamina as well as treatments for chronic conditions that prevent optimum performance and enjoyment of life. We look to provide you a beautiful space to leave behind the stress and simply rest or be as active as you want. As your body and mind takes a vacation, you will move into a quiet place where resolution and peace fills the soul.

Discover our Traditional Chinese Medicine offerings

We are in the process of building a more extensive spa menu. Please check back for more services. Contact us for a personalized spa package: or 970-586-4094.

Herbal Foot Steam and Reflexology

Enjoy a detoxifying herbal foot steam and reflexology treatment to soothe tired feet and legs after a fun day of activity. Choose from an herbal foot steam, reflexology, or put them together for a dream treatment. Other add-ons available are a castor oil and hot towel wrap and essential oil treatment.

45 minute Herbal Foot Steam
30 minute Reflexology
120 minute Reflexology

(Face and Feet or Hands)

60 minute Reflexology

(Feet or Hands)

45 minute Foot Steam with

45 minute Reflexology

Castor Oil and Hot Towel Wrap
Add Essential Oil

to Reflexology Treatment