Meet our Health Care Practitioners

We’ve brought together a broad collection of healthcare practitioners to address your healing and wellness needs. Please check back as we will be adding practitioners on a regular basis.

James E. Lemire, MD, PA
Dr. Lemire is a board-certified physician practicing Functional Medicine. He uses his extensive medical background and knowledge of alternative and ancient healing methodologies to take a holistic approach to his patients’ care; diagnostic testing and treatments are uniquely designed around each patient’s individuality.

Daniel Varela, RMT
Daniel is visually impaired, after having grown up with Retinitis Pigmentosa. He considers his partial blindness an advantage in his chosen profession. He perceives the world through senses other than sight in his daily life and uses these heightened senses to perceive the tension and knots in clients’ bodies, especially through his sense of touch.

Massage therapy is more than a career for Daniel, it is a passion. He enjoys helping others find relief from the stress and muscular discomfort of daily life or helping them to simply relax and unwind.