Internal Martial Arts

Internal Martial Arts

Internal Martial Arts

Unite body and mind; nurture your Qi

Internal martial arts practitioners utilize whole-body movements as a simultaneous exercise of the mind and body to improve their health and wellbeing. Through practice one develops the nervous system, building body control to achieve mind-body unity. Among other things, regular practice results in increased muscle strength, flexibility, balance, sense of calm, and peace of mind.

There are many styles of internal martial arts, Dao House offers three: Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Dao Yin. All are taught by experienced instructors skilled in their ability to clearly express how to perform the movements, their meaning, and associated health effects. Practice the style of your choice, or any combination thereof throughout your stay at Dao House.

Contact us to inquire about a specific class or to schedule private instruction: or 970-586-4094.

Tai Chi – Moving Meditation
Tai Chi is often described as “moving mediation” due to its slow, continuous movement set to deep, gentle breathing. The mind is completely absorbed in the movement of the body, which moves holistically between each pose. Its slow, circular movements loosen joints and the spine, relaxing tension in the body, relieving stress and improving concentration, muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

Qi Gong – Dynamic Energy Balance
Qi Gong encompasses both active forms of movement exercises and still meditation poses. Great emphasis is placed on regulating the breath in order to calm the nervous system and stabilize the mind. By releasing tension not only in the external muscles but those deeper within the body and the fascia surrounding the organs, more blood flow and thus energy can reach within and support the healing of both acute and chronic conditions. When we increase our internal awareness with Qi Gong exercises, the body releases and the mind is free to simply rest in the simplicity of our true nature. We become relaxed, yet alert and ready for life.

Dao Yin – Chinese Yoga
Dao Yin is a sequence of guiding and stretching movements for the tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles similar in its effects to calisthenics for flexibility and strength. Dao Yin can be either a standalone practice or it can be used in conjunction with more active forms like Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Dao Yin movements improve balance, increase mobility in the body, and support greater functionality of the healing mechanism, blood flow, and immune response. Additionally, Dao Yin trains the mind in concentration and memory, energizes the spirit, improves the mood and strengthens the character.

Meditation – Still Mind, Healthy Body
Practiced for thousands of years across many philosophical and religious traditions, meditation spans a wide variety of approaches, but inevitably brings both challenges and delights whether one practices for five minutes or for several hours. Like other self-awareness practices, mediation creates the opportunity to rest the mind, calm the heart, and see oneself and the world with new eyes. In the Daoist tradition, meditation is the foundation for balancing one’s life in order to experience true health, happiness and longevity. Meditation can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. Begin with quantity and quality will follow.