Historical Rides

Historical Tour & shopping Rides

Learn about the Native American history in the area with a ride to Eagle Plume Indian Art store or some history on the inception of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the founder, Enos Mills

1.5 Hour – $60/person

2 Hour – $65/person

4 Hour – $100/person

All Day Adventure – Starts at $130/person and includes an organic sack lunch

Enos Mills Ride

Take a one and a half, two or four hour horseback ride that incorporates a stop and tour of the Enos Mills Cabin, which is a family-owned homestead museum of the “Father of Rocky Mountain National Park.” Built by 15-year-old Enos A. Mills in 1885, the single room cabin has been a museum open to the public since 1968. It is the location where Mills wrote many of his captivating stories and the setting of several of his experiences.

Photos, letters and exhibits illustrate the life and achievements of Enos Mills, who was a prolific author, photographer, speaker, and avid adventurer. He was also a Colorado Snow Observer, miner, inn-keeper, nature guide, and a dynamic force in the formation of the National Park Service and the craft of Interpretive Naturalists. His very active life was devoted to the conservation of wild areas and educating the public about the wonders of the natural world.

On your tour, you will be guided by one of his descendants, Eryn Mills, tells about Mills’ fascinating life and his work in creating one of the most spectacular and popular national parks in the world.