Founder Of Dao House

Founder of Dao House

Founder of Dao House

Wu Dang Chen

Wu Dang Daoist Priest and Healer

Wu Dang Chen comes from a direct line of Wu Dang Daoist priests, a lineage that is over 700 years old and completely unbroken. At a young age he was chosen to study on Wu Dang Mountain, China, where wisdom passed down for thousands of years from one Daoist Priest to the next was imparted to him.

After intensive study, rigorous training, and meticulous application Wu Dang Chen was sent to the United States to share the ancient wisdom and healing arts of Daoism with the West.

Wu Dang Chen, a humble spiritual leader in the Daoist community and practical teacher of Daoist internal and external martial arts, leads by example. His gift for making Daoist thought accessible, his desire to share its message of peace and hope, and his open affection for his students have earned him a place as one of the most sought-after Daoist priests and tai chi masters in the West.

Wu Dang Chen is the owner and founder of Dao House, located 7.5 miles south of Estes Park, Colorado. He is also president and founder of the Daoist Association, USA, President of Chi for Longevity and President and founder of the Association for Chinese and American Enrichment, Inc., (aka the North American Wu Dang Taoist Association) a not-for-profit organization. He is the deputy director of the Sanfeng Friendship Association, based in Wu Dang, and is the official U.S. representative of Wu Dang for the Wu Dang Taoist Association.

Preserver, translator, and facilitator of the ancient Wu Dang Dao religion and traditions

14th generation Wu Dang Zhang Sanfeng lineage holder – 25th generation Long Men (Dragon Gate) Daoist Priest

Chosen and trained by five Daoist Priest Masters in the monasteries of Wu Dang Mountain, Chen was educated in the full spectrum of Wu Dang Daoist religion, tradition, culture, and philosophy. Training included, but was not limited to, martial arts, tai chi, qi gong, meditation, healing, herbal therapy, tuina, Daoist Traditional Chinese Medicine, and internal alchemy.

Having resided in the USA for more than 25 years, Chen has immersed himself in American culture and language, gaining practical insight and application of the ancient Daoist teachings translated to modern society. Daoist teachings have a practical foundation which require a constant evolution of application to benefit current society. Chen’s adaptability allows him to connect with his students and their progress as a result of his awareness and cultural understanding, leading to an exceptional level of knowledge transmission to his students.

As a true son of Dao, Chen shares his great message of peace and hope with open affection. Chen is a facilitator of the ancient secrets and treasures of Wu Dang Daoist religion and arts to those who have common affinity with Dao.