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Wu Dang Chen

January 12 – 15, 2017 |
Mysticism of Life

Over five thousand years ago life philosophies were developed, which ring true today. In this intensive weekend, Wu Dang Chen delves into the core of Daoist mysticism of life. You will learn:

Ancient Chinese traditions, stories and applications from a Wu Dang Chen, an Alchemy and internal martial arts lineage holder.
The origin of life, why we are here, the belief of life transformation, and life’s destination?
How to discover the purpose of the life.
Why Daoism believe that Faith is in your own hands? Learn how to transform your life to be a most productive human being by do nothing and leave nothing undone.
You will learn tools for achieving a peaceful mind, open heart and healthy body with Dao Yin, Qi Gong and alchemy meditation.

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Wu Dang Chen is a Wu Dang Daoist priest and healer.  He comes from a direct line of Wu Dang Daoist Masters, a lineage that is over 700 years old and completely unbroken.  At a young age he was chosen to study on Wu Dang Mountain with Master Li Cheng Yu.  After intensive study with Master Li, she sent Master Chen to the United States to share this ancient wisdom and healing art with the West.

Master Chen is known for his profound knowledge of the Wu Dang Eastern ancient traditions, and his ability to engage his students with depth and humor.  Thousands of students from around the world have been inspired to seek ‘the master within’ with Master Chen.